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About TOP

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Total onboarding will help you get new employees up to speed in half the time by integrating recruiting, orienting and managing into one program led by you, the hiring manager. 

TOP guides you through 5 blocks


  Prepare for new employee success before starting to recruit.


   Recruit in a way that reinforces your messages.


 Help employees get a big head start.


  Enable and inspire new employees to deliver better results faster.


  Better Results Faster

Each block includes workstream steps.  21 steps in total.

Step content -

1. An overview video

2. The workstream

3.  Downloadable tools

4.  Mentoring from PrimeGenesis via email and chat

5.  Guest subject matter experts (select steps)

Steps - 

1 Purpose & Priorities
2 Onboarding Track Record
3 Message
4 Timeline
5 Recruiting Brief
6 Employment Brand
7 Candidate Sourcing
8 Candidate Tracking
9 On-site Interview Day
10 Interviews
11 Candidate Comparisons
12 Reference/Background Checks
13 Closing 
14 Employee Personal Onboarding Plan
15 Announcement
16 Accommodation

17 Employee as Valued Customer
18 Pseudo Newcomer Audit
19 Assimilate
20 Accelerate
21 Follow Through


PrimeGenesis executive onboarding logo
Total is a division of PrimeGenesis, the advisory group that brought executive onboarding to wide audiences with The New Leader's 100-Day Action Plan. Look for our new book, Onboarding: How to Get Your New Hires Up to Speed in Half the Time, in 2009. PrimeGenesis accelerates productivity and reduces new leader failure at leading companies, non-profits and government agencies around the world.