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Calling upon all Jewish schools, children’s programs and individuals to be a part of

The Children’s Global Geula Gathering

What is it?

A Jewish unity campaign bringing Jewish children from all backgrounds and countries together through





In order to bring the ultimate Geula (Redemption) to the world!

‎מרדכי קבץ את התינוקות…והיו צועקים…ועוסקין בתורה
“Mordechai gathered the children they cried out and involved themselves in Torah”
(Esther Rabbah Parsha 5:7)

🌟Our gatherings of children are therefore certain to hasten the Geula tremendously!


In the Purim story Mordechai Hatzadik knew the two secrets to redemption:
When Haman made his evil decree Mordechai gathered 22,000 Jewish children together to pray and learn.
🎆Our sages explain that this gathering of children brought about the Purim miracle. The same will be with the future redemption. It will be in the merit of the children 🧒.

First countries to be part of the CGG:
USA, Israel, Canada, Russia, Argentina, England, Australia, Belgium

🌱 Let’s grow!

💥Our goal is to emulate Mordechai and bring together over 22,000 children in Geula gatherings throughout the world between:
🎭 the day before the Fast of Esther
🐑 until after Pesach
Which is:
March 19th until April 28th

The two official dates that we aim to gather at are:

March 19th

April 28th

Ages: preschool- bar/bas mitzva

How can I be a part of this?

1. 👩‍👧‍👧  Gather together children in your school, program, community, or even family and inform them that they are part of a global unity campaign with children worldwide to bring Geula the same way Mordechai did in his time.

2. Activities should include
A) 📖 learning / saying pesukim of Torah
B) 👑 praying for the Geula
C) 💰giving tzedaka (unless it is Shabbos or a holiday)

🎵 Enhance your gathering with singing, dancing, and more.

CGG will provide a more detailed outline, 🎦video, 🎟raffle, and a 🎶 playlist, as well as other ideas and material you can use.

🧒 There will be a special interactive live broadcast for girls lead by Rivka Malka Perlman, of the Woman’s Global Geula Gathering together with Nechama Laber maxing out at uniting 100 programs simultaneously.

3. ✍Report your Geula gathering at (sign up as soon as you have a date set up)

🧒 Children can express their own anticipation by answering the question:
😄👑“Why are you excited about the Geula?“ and submitting it to our website.

This is a huge and exciting undertaking!

To reach our goal and more we encourage as many gatherings as possible.

We would love if you could send a picture or short video of your gathering so we can make a montage and feel the unity.

✡Many great rabbis and organizations have endorsed this campaign including:
Rav Chaim Kanievsky
Rav Asher Weiss
and more growing by the day.

As emphasized by the Chofetz Chaim and the Lubavitcher Rebbe we all must continually demand for Moshiach’s arrival, showing Hashem that truly, We Want Moshiach Now!